Chat commands can be used to trigger certain features. Please see below for the commands that are currently in use.

!socials – Show list of links to our social pages
!giveaway – Show the currently active giveaway
!enter – Enter the currently active giveaway
!tip – Donate to the radiostation, show and the host/DJ
!items – Show current available items in the merchandise store
!watchtime – Check how long you’re watching the show

More chat commands will be added in time.


Support the radio, host and DJ’s by donating so the radio station can grow and the hosts/DJ’s are supported in these times.


We’ve the standard house rules. Anything not tolerable happening in the chat, will meet consequences.

  • Be kind, positive and helpful.
  • Respect the host/DJ and others in the chat.
  • Include everyone.
  • Listen to the moderation team.
  • Self promotion is considered rude, unless asked.
  • Any form of discrimination doesn’t have a place here.
  • No trading and/or selling.

Rules being disobeyed will followed by a (temporary) ban