Very, very proud to release our second Mary Christmas special in collaboration with Bobby Donny! This record was specially made for Mary Go Wild. It is a collage of the finest jams and sketches created by the loveliest bunch imaginable. It is collected, arranged and fiddled with by Frits Wentink.

Love goes out to all involved and contributed: Iron Galaxy, Malin Genie, Axel Boman, Darling, Ben Westbeech, Celoy, Theravada, Boris Werner, Andeh Lang, Yaleesa Hall, Medlar, Hodini, Jordan CGZ, Chevel, Scissorworks, Detroit Swindle, Know Va, Larry The Cat, Maximill, Mosca, San2, Tom Ruijg, San Proper, Urulu, Laurel Halo, Viktor Palmer, Kornel Kovacs, Ally Howie, William Kouam Djoko, MLIR, Ewald, Presk, Scott Franka & Kaap, Firestone, Wolf Music, DJ+ and Peel Seamus.

A1. Your Bike Sucks (16:56)
B1. Wanna Trade It For 12 Bucks (18:24)

Release date: 23.12.2016

*** vinyl only, 200/200 numbered copies!
*** free for all 12-month members of our Vinyl Club

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