Our second contributor of A.I.R. (Artist In Residency) is nobody less than Alessio.

Alessio is known for working within the vibrant club scene under the name of Solo Artists for several years now. He has been creating digital artworks and brand designs for artists and events such as Benny Rodrigues, Juan Atkins, Universal Music, Rotterdam Rave and Club BASIS to name a few.

As he shares the backstory of the concept himself:

The club scene has been at a standstill for almost a year now. And while many of us are going through some rough patches, the scene remains hopeful. Negative energy doesn’t take control of us. Knowing that we will be dancing with each other, bumping into people we don’t know and losing ourselves in the night again keeps us going. We are gently pleading.

We couldn’t agree more!

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A.I.R. “Artists in Residency”

As we all know the nightlife is having a hard time.

Most of us know about the struggling Dj’s and producers and the clubs that can’t open, but the nightlife has so many more contributors that are not being seen or heard.

We as Mary Go Wild want to highlight more artists that silently work behind the curtain to make sure you have the best experience possible for your night out or festival day.

With our new program “Artists In Residency” we give graphic designers that you know from their designs on flyers, posters, visuals at party’s, record sleeves and branding styles from organizations.

We want the to support them and be heard and seen as well, to make sure they can mesmerize you with their visual experience in the future.

Let’s support their work and keep them alive.

Don’t let the candle go out, let’s give them a little spark of hope.

Let’s give them some A.I.R. to breath.

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